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Dapayk, Paracou Bookings
Dapayk, Paracou Bookings

It all started out with an old PC and a borrowed synthesizer. At the age of 15 Niklas Worgt alias Dapayk Solo first started playing around with electronic music productions in his childhood bedroom, which he eventually turned into his first studio. From the very beginning in the mid 90ies, his style has ranged between techhouse, Minimal and Drum’n Bass with influences from every aspect the electronic music world has to offer. Not willing to limit his creativity to just one style of electronic music has led to the typical Dapayk sound: groovy, edgy and different.

In 2000, he founded his first label Mo’s Ferry Productions which has been expanded with several sub labels like RRYGULAR, Fenou and Enfant Fenou. The sound of his different labels from playful, melodic electronica on Fenou to the deep, dark minimal techno sound on RRYgular have been shaping the face of the electronic music scene far beyond the European borders.

What stands out most in Dapayks career is his big catalogue of releases, not only on his own imprints but also on many other labels such as Stil vor Talent, Katermukke, Herzblut, Orac, Leena, Karloff, Trapez or Ritter Butzke Studio.
With more than 15 album releases and over 70 single releases under his belt, he is one of the most productive protagonists in the world of electronic music.

Since the beginning, playing live has been his trademark. Dapayk Solo is a connaisseur and absolute expert of studio gear and live tools. With his hardware-only live sets, he always delivers on point. Due to his many releases over the last 20 years he is able to shape the set to match the mood of the crowd, which makes every set different from the other. Also there is always the possibility to hear some new, still unreleased material when listening to a Dapayk Solo set making them even more unique.

Next to Dapayk Solo, Niklas has created several different projects and alter egos over the years. The most popular and glamorous one being Dapayk & Padberg, a downbeat Electronica duo with his wife Eva Padberg. But Niklas is also the mind and heart behind our favorite techno lumberjack Marek Bois who has been a favorite of Minimal Techno lovers all over the world.

To create more playgrounds for his different projects and favorite styles Niklas has founded a new range of labels in the beginning of 2019. Under the roof of Sonderling Records, the new labels are Sonderling Berlin, a deephouse melodic techno label, Rohling for straight up Techno vibes and Frühling the romantic little sister, which features mostly downbeat electronica. Next to his own projects like Marek Bois, Dapayk & Padberg and the recently created Niklas Worgt, Niklas also gives newcomer acts a platform for their first releases on these new outlets.

Since Niklas has been a world traveller with his live act for many years, he knows just what a good party needs.  For 10 years he has used this knowledge to create a unique atmosphere at his I Love Vinyl festival. A small open air in his home Thuringia, which he started to celebrate the art of playing vinyl and to support artists that are still releasing on vinyl. I Love vinyl has given many legendary acts from Oliver Koletzki, Monika Kruse, Modeselektor and Pan Pot (to name a few) the chance to play their black gold using only their original DJ skills. I Love Vinyl has evolved from the small, local open air to a party concept that has already travelled from Barcelonas Sonar Festival to Amsterdams ADE.